The Travel

El Viaje

There are days when the sky is cloudy,
and the wind appears
clouds pass like balloons
and without asking
you get on one of them,
just like that.

In those days people ask questions,
questions that have no answers;
tells stories
and take pictures off their pockets.

On days like those dreams are constructed
imagination runs like a river
and one that never sailed any sea
fears nor the highest wave
nor the dark bottom enclosing a whirlwind.

On days like those in which it is cloudy
and the wind appears
and the clouds pass like balloons
on days like those travels are born.



The story goes that when a parrot
looks at his reflection in the water
the colors from his feathers fall.

And every parrot's feather
as everyone knows
is the synthesis of the universe.

The story goes that when a parrot
looks at his reflection in the water
a million new galaxies are created.

Across the Battlefield

Cruzando el Campo de Batalla

Octopus has eight arms
with sticky suckers
an ink reservoir
and a siphon to change direction
when the occasion arises.

Octopuses fall in love
with three hearts
and fall out of love with just one.
When they are in love
become completely deaf.

They are good at math
and astrophysics
but some choose to become mimes
against their families whishes.

Octopus has eight arms
and is always very trendy.

Ridiculous Obsessions

Ridiculas Obsesiones

Across the world
There is a man who
at four p.m.
stops to look at his own feet.

Nobody knows why
such action
however, a few hours ago
on this side of the world
it was scientifically proven
that the best time
to plant daisies
is at four in the afternoon.

Sol Rezza


Sol Rezza (born April 7th, 1982 in Buenos Aires City, Argentina) is a radio producer and sound designer focused on the transformation of field recordings and composing with virtual instruments.

Through various techniques she seeks to create strange sound tales that are made to be broadcast on radio and / or internet or to be exposed in different environments ranging from museums, festivals, cultural venues and public spaces.

She has made several experimental radio, radio art, sound art, soundscape, radio as performative art and experimental multimedia pieces and sound installations in various parts of the world. She also works in the field of sound design for various events and museums, but also in the field of advertising. She writes essays and articles for magazines specializing in sound art and experimental radio in both Spanish and English. She has given workshops and lectures at universities, cultural facilities and international festivals around the world.

Since 2010 she is part of the collaborative space "Panz4 Troupe" with the Mexican multimedia artist, photographer and animator Daniel Ivan, where they develop various multimedia art and digital storytelling projects.

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All sounds, stories, texts & drawings by
Sol Rezza.

Web Design, photography & video by
Daniel Iván.